Andy Event Schedule

2015 Andy Cloth Tournaments & Events

March 27-29  Andy Cloth 8th Annual Wyoming Open – Saratoga, Wyoming  USA

March 28-29  Andy Cloth Wyoming State Junior Championship – Saratoga, Wyoming USA

April 16-18 Queens Cup II – Manila, Philippines

April 16-19  The Super Billiards Expo (Exhibitor)  – Philadelphia, PA USA

June 15-22  The China Open  – Shanghai, China

July 6-12  The 75th World Tournament of 14.1 – New York City, USA

Sept 26-28  The Andy Cloth High Desert Shootout – Rawlins, WY  USA

October 12-18   The Women’s World 9-Ball Championship – Gulin, China

November 10-15  Women’s International Pool Championship – New York City, USA

*Andy Cloth is the Official Cloth of the CBSA China National Pro Tour

*Andy Cloth is the Official Cloth of Dragon Promotions international billiard events

Andy Cloth Official Cloth used in these past events :

International 10-Ball Championship – Manila, Philippines

World Pool Team Chamionship(Beijing)

Women’s World 10-Ball Championship – Manila, Philippines

Taipei International  Pool Invitational(Taipei)

Taipei World Cup Pool Championship(Taipei)

 Asian Cup 9-Ball Championship

 World 9-ball Professional Ranking Tour

 Amway Cup Women 9-ball Open

 World Women’s 9-ball Championship(Shenyang)

 World Women’s 9-ball Championship(Shenyang)

 World 9-ball Beijing Open(Beijing)

 CBSA Professional 9-ball Ranking Tour

World 9-Ball China Open (Shanghai)

Andy Cloth Pro Pool School

Andy Cloth Fight Against Lung Cancer  





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